Scar Reduction following Breast Surgery

Interested in a Breast Lift at no cost to you?

We would like to inform you that Miami Plastic Surgery is currently participating in a clinical research trial involving a topical treatment for surgical incisions. Study subjects will be women 18 years of age or older who are undergoing breast lift surgery with anchor-type incisions/scars. Candidates for the study must be in excellent health with no conditions or medications that may affect wound healing.
Candidates must not have breast implants or any existing breast scars and must agree to participate in monthly follow up appointments for 12 months after surgery. Qualified patients for this clinical trial will have ALL EXPENSES for the breast lift procedure COVERED, including anesthesia, facility, and surgeon fees.

If you are interested in breast lift surgery and believe that you meet the above criteria for participation in this clinical trial, you may contact our study coordinator at to schedule a screening evaluation.

To learn more, fill out a form on this page or call 561-948-3116.

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